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School- Ankur English School Mahashivratri The School will remain closed

Chairman Ankur English School

  • The School prepares the students to meet the challenges of life and moulds them into civilized and better citizens. We help the students to identify their talents and develop it to the optimum.

Principal Message

  • We welcome your child to this institution. We promise to provide all the facilities and opportunities possible to make your child successful in society.

Welcome to Ankur English Medium

"Ankur Education Center ” – Our School envisions on education system that is based on inspiration, innovation and thus create the platform for the talents of it students. We impart education as well as learning of Indian tradition and culture.We appreciate diverse faiths and beliefs and celebrate all major festivals with equal forever. We sincerely hope that our School will provide happiness and Fulfillment for generation to come and beautifully shape live of its Students year after year.

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  • Umbrella Day

    Umbrella Day CELIBRATION Umbrella Day Show All

  • Teacher day

    Teacher day Teacher day Show All

  • Corn day

    Corn day Corn day Show All

  • Friendship day

    Friendship day Celebration Friendship day Show All

  • Janmashtami Celebration

    Janmashtami Janmashtami Celebration Show All

  • Diwali Celebration

    Diwali Diwali Celebration Show All

  • Sports Day

    Sports Day Sports Day Show All

  • Picnic

    Picnic Picnic Show All

  • Flag Making Day

    Flag Making Day Flag Making Day Show All

  • Leaders Day

    Leader's Day Leaders Day Show All

  • Annual Function 2016

    Annual Function Annual Function 2016 Show All

  • Flowers day

    Flowers Day Flowers day Show All

  • Std-10 Fair Well

    Fair Well Std-10 Fair Well Show All

  • Red Day

    Red Day Red Day Show All

  • Guru Purnima

    Guru Purnima Guru Purnima Show All

  • Holi Celebration

    Holi Holi Celebration Show All

  • Mahendi Competition

    Mahendi Mahendi Competition Show All

  • Meditation

    Meditaion Meditation Show All

  • MisMatch Day

    MisMatch MisMatch Day Show All

  • Navaratri Celebration

    Navaratri Navaratri Celebration Show All

  • Parts Of Body

    Parts of Body Parts Of Body Show All

  • Yoga Day

    International Yoga Day 21st June, 2016 Yoga Day Show All

  • Cap Day (2016-17)

    Cap Day Cap Day (2016-17) Show All

  • Importance of Trees

    1-08-2016 Importance of Trees Show All

  • Friendship day (2016-17)

    06-08-16 Friendship day (2016-17) Show All

  • One Minute Game

    13-07-16 One Minute Game Show All

  • Best from Waste

    Best from Waste Best from Waste Show All

  • Independence Day

    Independence Day Celebration 15-8-16 Independence Day Show All

  • Rakshabandhan 2016

    happy rakshabandhan Rakshabandhan 2016 Show All

  • Janmastmi

    janmastmi 2016-2017 Janmastmi Show All

  • Navaratri Celebration

    Navaratri 2016-17 Navaratri Celebration Show All

  • Diwali Celebration

    Diya Making Diwali Celebration Show All

  • Tour Photos 2016-17

    Rajasthan Tour photographs Tour Photos 2016-17 Show All

  • Importance of Environment

    Importance of Environment 2016-17 Importance of Environment Show All

  • Our Helpers Day

    28-12-16 Our Helpers Day Our Helpers Day Show All

  • Sports Day 2017

    Sports Day 2017 Sports Day 2017 Show All

  • Annual Function 2016-2017

    25-02-2017 Annual Function 2016-2017 Show All

  • Annual Function

    Annual Function Annual Function Show All

  • Cap Day (2017-18)

    18.07.2017 Cap Day (2017-18) Show All

  • Picnic tour-Jaisalmer

    Picnic tour-Jaisalmer Picnic tour-Jaisalmer Show All

  • annual function

    annual function annual function Show All


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